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tv   Washington Journal Dinesh D Souza Discusses His Book The Big Lie  CSPAN  August 5, 2017 1:21am-2:09am EDT

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>> sunday night on q&a. >> i've never heard of him. i wanted to hear how this man who had been told from the time he was young child that he wasn't worth anything, could have the courage and determination to find his way out of slavery. i was intrigued and couldn't start stop reading about him. >> he served five terms in the house of representatives. there is a bribery charge against him at one point. he never fully recovered without that. my opinion that's one of the reasons why is not better known today. >> now, conversation with dinesh d'souza talking about his book, the big lie. this is 45 minutes. >> filmmaker, the discussing his book i want to get to the book in just a minute. but first i want to get to the news that that the grand jury
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has been convened and that subpoenas have been issued related to the president the russian lawyer. >> i think this is a bit of a frankenstein rosenstein. the reason is not because it's necessarily any incriminating evidence. but, i think having been in d.c. there's a lot of independent counsel. it's tasked with the mission. if he comes back and says there's nothing there in us since he has failed. so he's used his success as get think somebody locking them up. so there's a logic that it doesn't make the whole process is search for truth but rather a way to vindicate the process to
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have concerns with this special counsel, bob miller, can he conduct a fair investigation? >> guest: at this level on the spectator of events. it looks like that he stuck in his scene with people who are somewhat hostile to trump. now that's not inherently bad, but i think it very may well be when you combine ideology with an inherent logic of a prosecutors agenda it becomes a fact process. do you think it becomes more process? to shield it from being fired? >> i think once it gets going it's much harder to stop it. then it looks like you're trying to cover something up and you
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have something to hide. as you know i've been to this process myself what happened was i gave $20000 over the campaign finance limit to a friend who is running for the u.s. senate. i was naïve about campaign finance. i could have given it to a pack but i reimburse them. but the process takes on a certain reverse logic. by that i mean the government comes and says were going to charge with three things that carry five years in prison. but if you plead guilty to then will drop to those charges. the problem is whether or not you are guilty you have a strong incentive to go long. even to plead with something to into. in my case it wasn't that. it was a prosecution issue.
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i see the process work on is not necessarily a truth for justice, it becomes victory is measured by what they can get out of it. >> in your case wanted to get convicted of? >> guest: i got a series of penalty, the most serious was eight months of an overnight consignment. when i got a fine, i got committee service and probation. anna makes a lifelong felon. when we looked into it there is no american who had been prosecuted but let alone knocked out for doing what i did. it's not a matter of did you do it, the other guys who do the same think at the same penalty. >> to think your previous work is the reason why their special interest in you? >> i think so. once i release the movie about
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obama, the attack on the movie appeared regularly on the website barack he may not write those attacks but he oversees it. >> surely after the fbi comes calling. >> and since that movie there's the latest book, the big lie. what is the. >> guest: the subject is the story about the way the left is looking at trump. in the past they've displayed the race card, but the big card is the fascism car. the idea that trump is a fascist, not hitler who started a big world war guess 6 million jews but scanned it a demagogue who came from seem to make germany great again. the reason it significant, such as rhetoric.
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there is some rhetoric that called breaking up osha fascist. with trumpets him is to say although he may have won the election his illegitimate. and therefore tactics that would be on acceptable, let's get the electives to change the vote, was trying to mount some coup against trump. let's have protesters, this would be normally unacceptable. but the people who do it thank it's like fighting hitler and the 50s. >> we had a caller in the first segment : with the dictionary definition of fascism. fascism and nazism are not the same. hitler very really called himself a fascist. mussolini was the quintessential fascist, the main difference
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between fascism and socialism fascism is the doctrine of the socialist state. a powerful statement in the economy and running your life. not season is fascism plus anti-semitism. the fascism in viewed with a deep vein of racism. that's a distinguishing feature of nazi germany. >> were taken your calls as we discuss this book. with us for about the next 35 minutes, republicans and independents can call we have robert on the phone. good morning. >> good morning, i'm retired military. i'm appalled because i've watched it many times on his favorite channel for him to send
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the last, i'm a winter worrier, for him just sand the left that it spewed hatred, ice or 20 for years, i didn't see that many americans in the military might 24 years. but for him, you get on television and continue to make money off of the backs of all the lies especially about this honorable and dignified man called barack obama and continue to support this lawyer chief we have an office who built his whole career after denigrating that honorable man. he is the one that has created havoc on our country with his lies, with his racism, with all the separate stuff is doing now. and you know what, you do the
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same thing. >> we have your point. >> i think this is as far political debate tends to break down a little bit. i wrote about obama and made a movie about obama. in the movie i went to hawaii, kenya, indonesia, i set the obama family compound. i wanted to expose the fact that obama wasn't a traditional silver right sky. his perspective with anti- colonial shape by international view of the world this is in obama's own book. also there is a hypocrisy. he was say we are our brother's keeper's.
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but i said here's his own brother living in the slum in nairobi. he lives in a hut and when you stretch arms he touched the walls. there's something odd about chanting the slogan, here's his own actual brother and he did nothing to help him. a lot of people and obama and trump i agree. >> he said playing the nazi card stems from the election of donald trump. can one disagree with donald trump and not be a fascist? what tips it in your mind to fascism or not season? i know you said those two terms are not the same. >> i'm talking about the guys who wear masks and costumes and carried by clocks as weapons. if i show buying campus is not as if the campuses
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overrepresented with conservative viewpoints. very often people don't know what a conservative is. yet if you tried to squeeze that point of view there monday and leave on tuesday and yet they want to block me. this is a fascist tactic. yet paradoxically is carried out in the name of anti- fascism. so those who justify extreme rhetoric and use it to legitimize unwarranted behavior. nothing every democrat is a hate speech monger. >> host: we have a line for republicans, go ahead. >> caller: i think it's all obstructionism. and i think they have anything at present trump. that's worth taking to the grandeur. i think if they said enough people will not see the follow-up story and believe what they heard initially. i think a lot of it is fake now.
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i to ml wounded combat veteran. you think of the guy much time but the person you like or science you want them to go. >> host: not true, we tried to give everybody as much time we just have a lot of collars we need to get to. the question two on ask? >> caller: was that officer correct when he asked you those questions. >> clearly or talk about the previous caller. i think you're dealing with somebody who was on one side of the aisle. our political debate has been subdivided. i be happy to go talk with rachel but i would never get invited. but essentially he said talks to its own.
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this is one of the few shows where you can talk to people on the other side. i thought it was a little strong but not for the less i'm not objecting to. i agree with this color, with trump the left point of view is they want to get him whether or not he did anything. i say there's no underline russia pollution but trump said to comey, there's nothing there, leave it alone. he's telling the truth. but by send this to comey he's obstructing justice. nixon obstructed justice but there was a crime. there was culpable knowledge. can there be obstruction absent underlying crime question with the left doesn't care. >> caller: good morning gentlemen. i'm afraid that this is a bridge
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too far. we have to go back to andrew jackson and obviously mr. trump has been friendly with american nazis, with the kkk, he doesn't know david duke but he is somehow unaware of other trends in our society and what have you. you have to recognize that at all of his dealings, historically he doesn't pay subcontractors, he doesn't recognize certain realities, there's nothing there with russia, well let's see. yet paul manafort, all of these
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individuals who are lobbyists, you have an hundred notes lobbyists for turkey, all of these people who served on his cabinet are millionaires and billionaires who have absolutely no experience in any of the areas that the energy secretary did not even know his responsible for nuclear weapons. >> guest: i'll try to zoom into a key point. with regard to the business about racists of the ku klux klan, david duke is an liar -- an outlier. robert byrd was a conscious of the senate.
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obama and bill clinton went to his funeral to eulogize. the sky with a high official in the ku klux klan. some parts realists the ku klux klan and i'm not quoting it was for 30 years the domestic terrorist arm of the democratic parties. a delegate of the democratic national convention who founded the claim. the republican checked on the clan. president woodrow wilson revise the clan and it was an extension of democratic violence and terrorism. so now when you look at right take ice and say they endorse trump because the don't have a job and he wants to make america great again, no. he has actually history is closely connected with the history of the democratic party. i will leave it at that. >> you write the fashion in part is used to intimidate conservatives and republicans
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for fear of being branded in spirit. nazism is the ultimate form of hate the ultimate hate crime. the tables hot democratic and show that they, not trump are the real fascists. they subscribe to full-blown fascist ideology. he said : someone that is ultimate hate crime. do you fear your than doing exactly what you condemn democrats for? say they're the ones? >> guest: i'm turning the tables but not -- cannot use nazism and fascism as a rhetorical javelin. usually those hues that have no idea what it means for their referring to vague definition that isn't right. for example is commonly said trump is a fascists because he's a nationalist.
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gandhi was a nationalist, mandela was nationalist, churchill was nationalist, so obviously these people are fascist, so nationalism doesn't equal fascism. so how do we get a wrong definition? because after world war ii when they were stained with the older of holocausts, the progressives coming to power new it fascism was. but they said, fascism has been on the left. we need to move it on the right wing column. so were redefining fascism remember, mussolini was a marxist, it was part of the socialist party killers emphasized it but there little bit of a white rushing operative.
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>> good morning a few years ago i picked up a book in the thrift shop called hitler's propaganda machine. they defined what the big lie is. it was an i've seen it employed by the right, leading up to the slacks election for the last 20 years with a conservative radio and big-money put behind dennis desousa, he tell a lie that so outrageous that no one would believe that you told the lion purpose. when that untruth is withdrawn, the shadow of the lie remains. that is the playbook for the right in this country and the conservatives. they try to demonize barack
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obama. and i live in san diego, you have a movie about president obama and they on the san diego tribune during that on there is a front-page article about your little tiny movie bashing drive barack obama leading up to the election. that's was see the problem in our country. >> first of all, the movie is the second highest grossing political documentary of all time. behind only michael moore's fahrenheit, 911. there are movie theaters run the country. some of us like in some of the same points you make in the beginning from the other side. many people think that hitler invented this concept of the big lie and it's a description of
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hitler propaganda. when hitler used the term big lies he wasn't returned to himself. his plan was that the jews are the ones perpetrating the big lie. he said the jews are evil and wicked and trying to take over the world. what he's doing is taking the stuff that he actually did and blaming it on the juice. so this is freud's term. you take your own since the project them on to others. that's what the left is here. the left has a long secret history of complicity. fdr, progressive fate icon hero. some members of his -- to rome in the 30s to study fascism. he sought is more progressive than the new deal.
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he wanted to bring the ideas here. mussolini was a huge fan of fdr. he reviews the book and says this guys a fascists. so here's my point. it's indisputable in the record but not in the textbooks because the textbooks are read by progressives. >> the big line they are talking about today, slapping coordinated on some level by who explain how this process. >> were not talking about a conspiracy at all. were talking about the way in which ideas take hold in the culture. how do people get to know something that isn't true? the idea begins to securely and then it reverberates through academia and is picked up by the
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media. so the left is pretty dominant academia, hollywood and the media. it has three huge megaphones in which you can create facts. that's a big lies get disseminated. people on the same side of the seem to be attractive, useful, believable and they run with it. >> host: i heard an interview were said you are interested not just getting to documentary films but feature films as well to challenge this. >> guest: ideological messages are transmitted not necessarily by michael moore more, the bigeye steven spielberg. they come to romantic comedies, common thing is the businessman is the backup. the antibusiness sentiment isn't just argued for, it's just shown in every movie and if you see
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this white male business guy he's going to be the villain, you can almost tell from the beginning of the movie. >> host: how far away from a romantic comedy? >> guest: in the next two or three years i'll be putting up feature films. i want to expand my portfolio. trying to make a different kind of movie than what hollywood typically makes. >> and you're looking to make this into a documentary? >> yes. movies are different than books. the book is an argument, the movie is the story. so i have to ask, doesn't lend itself to a story. it lends itself to a very exciting story. it has a lot of some people don't even know. it becomes a story that's contemporary. >> time to go to l.a. good morning.
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>> of money. i'm a black american woman then i voted democrat on my vote in life except this last time. i voted for trump. trump to me is not an established politician. he's outside the establishment, that's why he's been attacked. the proof is in the pudding, the devil is always in the details. i live in california. have a native from los angeles. if you look at the neighborhood's that plexi seven los angeles watts, compton, we no longer have those neighborhoods. the biggest lie is that the democrats have benefited black america. the democrats have destroyed black america. we live no longer have our neighborhoods. we been overrun by other groups, blackman, black unemployment has
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always been in the double digits. i can tell him plaque may call into the show because you can recognize them by your voice. >> host: how do you recognize somebody by their voice? >> caller: i can recognize black man's voice. i'm a black woman. it's much deeper. the tone is much deeper and you can tell by the content of what they're saying. they're attacking china. the biggest lie is that the democrats have benefited black america. they have destroyed black america. >> guest: a great. has written a book about slavery and the slave plantation. i'm a historian describes the story is in their ramshackle
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dwellings, broken families, violence he talks about the fact that nobody can get ahead. they're stuck in life. so when i was reading this it struck me that not a lot has changed that when you walk through inner-city oakland, detroit, baltimore, the same features admittedly are still there. you still have broken families, dilapidated dwellings. we think cops into these places and say fix it. the problems are much deeper. the colors basically saying the democratic interest in black is votes. and to get those folks you need a certain degree of dependency. that's unhealthy. >> host: jeffrey is a democrat, good morning. >> caller: hello.
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i think a lot of people misunderstand you. i think your business we sometimes i wonder who -- anyhow -- you talk about a condition you have, was that a child by jury or something else? you talk about president obama visited kenya. i wonder how long obama lived in kenya. this one who has different kind and you went to visit his
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brother with a handset we touch, i wonder if we go to houston india,. [inaudible] >> host: number one, the first thing you want to make clear is there's a tendency to think that people who do it i do are being finance from somewhere. most of washington, d.c. is not finance because there's nonprofits and donors who contribute to various causes. i don't have a single donor. nobody gets me a dollar to do anything. i prospered and enjoyed the american dream is because i write books. put them in the stores into speeches. i make movies. that's a business.
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i'm not being funded by anybody. a subtype so show was. my trial is not by jury, basically the government accuse me of the campaign finance the i said let's the false statement by encouraging us to believe that it was from someone else that carries five years in prison. so i say who's going to take the risk of five years to present? as a result, i pled to the first charge and they dropped the second charge. they put a second charge on it order to muscle you into pleading for the first time. no jury. thereby, obama. if you have jews or my father. he talks about his trip to kenya which was only one month long. in a book of 200 some pages, or
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the 100 pages are focused on the kenya trip. that's why when there. i say clearly something formative happened to obama in kenya in that short time. not surprisingly he had a lifelong obsession of the father who wasn't there and his kenya trip was an effort to find that man. this is all in obama's own words. >> sean, republican, good morning. >> good morning. >> caller: i just wanted to say need the history of the democratic party but not that much detail, i was just wondering if you don't want to see the documentary called the wolf in sheep's clothing it explains a lot about the left and how they infiltrated educational system some just
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wondering -- >> i tried to watch almost a movie a day. my list. i haven't seen it, i will say that this book like the hillary book has all kinds of new step about the complicity of the left and the fascists and the nazis. i don't believe it's known by educated people that a number of hitler's teams, he lifted directly from america. and from the american democrats. when i got to the democracy of the 19th century. the senior nazis who got there in the room there are laws that basically made jews into second-class citizens are bad marriages between jews and germans led to confiscation of
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property. the nazis we want to create the world's first states. he said we don't have to create the first states, the democrats in the united states have done that in the south. so we need to take the jim crow laws, those that were bit into americans from blacks and white all we have to do is cross out the world black and right in the world june. this is not the case of me drawing an analogy or parallel, the nazis actually use the democratic blueprint to put in schemes for jewish discrimination that led to the final solution. >> caller: good morning. i just want to say to
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mr. desousa, i really don't disagree with you when you attack the left, here's my problem. you're being a hypocrite. the right is just as dangerous. if you look at the kkk nowadays it would be can republican or conservatives. in my opinion the conservatives are just as dangerous as the liberals. for you to have trump, an angel heated to anything wrong, it's crazy. it's your type of ideology that will lead us to a second civil war. like i said, not to disagree with you but hit hillary's a cricket should be in jail. and so should try. you should speak more about that because this country is about to have the civil war because of your ideology. >> i don't think trump is an angel. trump is a tough guy. he is kind of a boss.
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the question i ask is, how did we get trump? republican party has nominated straightlaced descent guys going back to bob dole and continuing with john mccain, mitt romney. these are decent guys and yet they converted into lucifer by the left. rodney was treated as if he was a criminal. the republican said if we nominate a squeaky clean guy how we fight your taxes? it's not by -- that's how we got trump. it's a breakdown of civility. i don't think truman or jfk would've done the tactics obama did on leasing the fbi. the instruments of government, that was a new low.
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that's atmosphere that created trump. >> i want to ask you about some commentary that was in "u.s. news" and "world report". one of the things has touched on his ideology and she focuses on this book and you is your treatment of democrats in their treatment of american indians and that's an inspiration for what happened on the road. she writes, she writes mournfully of the gems of american indians because in an earlier book in which he denounced the shame narrative they said there was no genocide, this is just another big lie by the left to make americans ashamed but now it's littered with unspeakable crimes i want
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to give you chance to respond. >> there's some nuance going on because on people accuse america of committing certain crimes i would argue there's a fake genocide in a real genocide. the fake is the genocide blamed on columbus and the american founders. take columbus, he did not purpose treat genocide against anybody. he brought with him diseases that he did not know about. to which the american indians had no immunity. there is a massive transfer of disease. there's a whole book about this coldplay in people.
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genocide requires the intent to wipe out a pipe ablation. columbus was a genocidal maniac. no he wasn't. the guy who was, was the founder of the democratic party, andrew jackson. jackson took the indians, remember there is a series of treaties between the indians who have already been made those who had been granted, jackson breaks the treaties, drives the indians for the west, produces the trail of tears and almost wipes out the cherokees as a people. if you look at the definition of genocide, the actual wiping out of the whole part of those people, first instead apply to george washington, thomas jefferson, but it does apply to the jacksonian democrats. that's why here peeled to the
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example when he said, love this. what the jacksonian democrats did i'm going to do to the polls come the slobs, the eastern europeans. so they are conflating those two things. >> i wonder what you would make of trump's interest in jackson from politico. in addition to remarks on trader they betray him in the oval office and made a pilgrimage. needs to read my book. jackson is not someone to get excited about. trump visited the jackson plantation. i visited three libraries, most of them propaganda. in the clinton library you have all of this data, the number of computers when he came in, the number of computers when he left. then the towering image of clinton like "i did all that." ridiculous. i can see how trump was suckered into thinking that jackson was a great guy.
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i would take jackson off the bill and replaced him with a good republican, harriet tubman. guy,w jackson was a bad harriet tubman was the real heroine. helping us out with the -- thet-republican american people political america,nd the [indiscernible] to inform the people whoever this person could be looked at as opportunist at this point. on has the upper hand
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keeping dirty little secrets? democrats whok has ideas for their seats to give them up if they can't hold congress accountable and wasn't being revealed, they as well as republicans are in the same boat. them to leave their seats and have people willing to come to help this american situation out. on a: i want to pick up point made earlier about white power and the notion that white power guys today are in the trump cap. -- trump camp. on the left you have an umbrella called multiculturalism. the affirmation of ethnic identity. , hispanics, feel proud of
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who you are. asians, feel proud of who you are. the blame, you take for what everyone else has suffered and feel really bad. multiculturalism as an umbrella excludes whites. if it included whites i believe the ku klux klan and richard spencer, these guys would be in a democratic camp. they would confirm the same ethnic nationalism the groups confirm.raged to because it is manic he and the distinction that ethnic groups are good and whites are bad, it drives the white nationalists out of the republican party and -- the democratic party and they alternative is trump. the kinds of things that richard spencer and these guys believe is that he belongs over there. the reason he is not there is there is no room for him. host: the line for republicans, go ahead.
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caller: i would like to congratulate mr. d'souza on his thoughtful and careful decision-making in the way that he analyzes situations. the first caller that you had today was a democrat. he immediately came out with the race side trying to bait mr. d'souza into saying something about his eastern indian heritage, not being in the military, and so forth. a typical tactic. mr. d'souza, this has to do with the media. the first will always focus on tosia and trump, at least 15 20 minutes. you mentioned that you would never be invited on msnbc or cnn because they know your political background. the media in america has so much power and influence. how will you break it?
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i know you said you would try to get your own movies, but how can america take back the most states, thef the media, and make it unbiased and straightforward presentation of information? host: the last minute. guest: the nazis had a term that meant coordination. what they try to do was bring the cultural institutions of society, the universities, the media, the filmmaking industry, into harmony with the nazi ideology. i think we have political correctness. it is enforced with ruthless intensity. there is a group in hollywood that are 2000 conservatives that meet in secret. people actually wear disguises. if it were known, they would .ever work in that town
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in a way i'm not so scared of the sons of berkeley on the street, i am more scared of the studio bosses and their power. same with the media. because of technology and social media there are ways to get information out that bypass the media. if the ordinary citizen says i don't have that much power, i only have 30 friends on facebook. they have 30 friends so you are a mini publisher. it may start small, but it can get bigger over time. host: the author is dinesh d'souza
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